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Our desire is for this part of the process to be as simple as possible. We understand the stress that planning an event can bring you. Please be aware of our Terms and Conditions to allow a a stress-free experience with Better Together Calligraphy (BTC).


Rental orders require a damages deposit of 50%. This deposit is returned within up to 5 business days after your items are found to be in original condition.

For event purchase orders, you have flexibility in choosing and adding items up to 14 days prior to pickup. In order to hold your date, a deposit must be made within two weeks of receiving the estimate sent to you. The amount typically reflects 50% of your order. Full payment is required 30 days prior to the pickup or ship date. Cancellations within 30 days of pickup or ship date will forfeit their deposit.

A deposit is not required for purchase orders under $50.

Last Minute Add-ons or Changes

Our desire is to provide the best product to our customers. Calligraphy takes focused time and preparation of materials. We requires a solidified list of items and details 14 days prior to scheduled pickup. When a change or addition is requested, we will always do our best to provide! Changes to wording and color choices after the 14 day cut-off will incur a 25% additional rush fee. Additional items requested to an established order after the 14 day cut-off will incur a 25% additional rush fee and are subject to availability.

Seating Charts and Name Cards

Seating charts and name cards require a full two weeks of processing time. Your arrangements are required two weeks prior to pickup. The arrangements must be typed in Excel spreadsheet format (or an equivalent). We understand that RSVPs can be delayed. Please understand that lettering your seating arrangements is time consuming and we always strive for perfection. If there is a delay or change that shortens the window, let us know as soon as possible. You will be subject to a $50 additional fee for late seating arrangements. Late add-ons for name cards will incur a $2 per guest fee.

If your seating arrangements change drastically, and you would like us to include all revisions, we can help! An additional complete revision fee at the going hourly rate will be charged. We need a minimum of three business days to process complete revisions.

Delivery, Setup and Pickup

For a typical event, client may pick up as early as two business days before the event, with return by two business days after the event before 6:30 PM. An earlier date for pick up must be arranged at least two weeks prior and may be subject to a rush fee. Items returned after that deadline following the event are subject to late charges or replacement fee. All items need to be put back into the labeled storage totes for return; if those containers are not returned, they are subject to replacement fees. If you pay for delivery or pickup, it is for delivery or pickup to the curb. Setup services will be charged at the current hourly rate; this window of time must be scheduled at least three weeks prior to the event date. In the event of BTC not having the exact item available, we may substitute with a similar item. We reserve the right to refuse service.

BTC agrees to provide the agreed items in timely fashion. The client agrees to:

• Release and discharge BTC from any damages arising out of use of the rental items.
• Be timely with deposits and payments, including full payment for our services by 30 days before pickup.
• No refunds or reductions within 14 days of pickup. Additions and changes will be subject to availability and an additional fee.
• Check order and invoice for accuracy. If you find that anything is in non-working order, or incorrect, you need to contact us as soon as the problem is known before your event, so that we can make any possible corrections.
• Discontinue use if item is found to be unsafe to use and notify BTC.
• Keep all items out of the rain, sprinklers, and inclement weather to prevent damages.
• Keep items in their original working order. No alterations, nails, or changes are allowed. Items are to only be used for the purposes they are intended.
• Pay the replacement price for any damaged or missing items at the time of return.
• Note that any payments via Paypal will include a 3% processing fee. You can save the fee by sending a check or a Venmo payment!
• Delivery fees may apply. Please inquire the rate for these services.
• Pick-ups after 10PM will incur an additional fee.
• Note that cancellations more than 30 days before scheduled pickup or delivery will receive a return on their deposit. Any deposit is forfeited if less notice is given.

Photo Release

The wedding industry is always growing and changing. We love to have professional pictures of your big day to inspire our future weddings. Please send us your photographer’s information or send us photos when you receive them! We so appreciate it! Initialing below allows us to reach out to your photographer and use photos with our signs and media pictured.

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